Designing, modeling, installing and maintaining with short lead times and a high focus on HSE

Highly Skilled Designers and Exceptional Materials

Providing Refractory Materials in High Risk Areas: Pipes, Vessels and Furnaces

With a wide range of skills and expertise, our designers, engineers and installers are able to find solutions to ensure you get the best outcome for your project.

We offer lining design, development and maintenance; we use extensive 3D design and histograms to highlight any lining problem areas and provide tailored solutions. 

We design and produce bricks, stones and anchors specific to your project requirements.

Key benefits of working with us:

Reliable, Responsive, Easy to Work With

Providing Highly Qualified Professionals and Efficient Delivery

Supporting your plant’s continuing operations, we ensure that all of our lining material and bricks are either in stock at our warehouse or are easily available from our trusted suppliers.


We make furnaces and parts for:

Whether your project requires high insulation properties or to transfer heat energy through the refractory, we have a selection of materials and pre-made shapes and molds in stock. We are also able to quickly provide custom linings to our customers. All heated parts are made to tolerate 600°C to 1700°C.
With highly skilled designers and exceptional material quality, we can design and produce almost any kind of monolithic shape, either tailor-made to your specification or from a design developed in-house. All furnaces are made to function from 600°C to 1800°C.
We can design and engineer specific anchor systems, using our in-house machine workshop to produce high quality and reliable ceramic or steel anchors. All furnaces are made to function from 600°C to 1800°C.

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