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Our well-equipped workshop, highly skilled welders and fabricators, as well as experienced supervisors and installers are ready to work to your specifications.

You will have one contact point who will help you with project management, design requirements and recommendations, parts production and supply, installation, testing and start-up. 

Our professional team and our products are tailored to your project. 

Key benefits of working with us:

Water Jet Cutting

With our water jet cutting table, we can quickly deliver according to your needs and specification.

We can cut most materials such as 316l, 355, cu, glass, plastic, Plexiglas, wood and more to a thickness of up to 50mm. We have large capacity and can deliver quickly. Our qualified engineers are by your side throughout the entire process, from ideas and designs to the finished product.

Water jet cutting is environmentally friendly, precise and does not affect the material being cut because the procedure does not produce any heat.

Reliable, Professional, Responsive

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