Equipping you with seasoned experience in piping, conveyor systems, welding, steelwork manufacturing and refractory

Offering the best solution for your bio energy plant

Working with You Throughout the Bio Energy Plant Life Cycle

From new builds, to retrofits, to servicing, we have the know-how to design, develop, install and service the perfect solution for your bio energy plant.
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We Tailor Our Approach to Your Specifications

We operate and support bio plants, including electrical, gas and oil fired boilers. And our team will work with you to increase your existing plant’s capacity or to plan and calculate a new plant’s energy supply. 

Our experience covers operation, technical support, maintenance, spare parts manufacturing, installations and repairs for existing bio energy plants. 

Our engineers and technicians design, plan, and install new complete bio plants. The systems can be tailored or standardized and delivered in installation-friendly containers. 

For district heating, we take care of planning, surveying, purchasing, excavation, welding, installation and, if needed, a continuous service agreement.

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    Ecvio AS er stolt leverandør til trelastkonsernet Bergene Holm AS

    Ecvio AS er stolt leverandør til trelastkonsernet Bergene Holm AS. Nå skal vi levere og montere nye kjeler (2 x 5 MW) til forbrenningsanlegget på…
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    Frode Bjørntvedt_Foto Mona Hauglid-6978

    Ecvio AS; Frode Bjørntvedt blir ny administrerende direktør

    Frode Bjørntvedt blir ny administrerende direktør
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    We are hiring!

    We are experiencing tremendous growth and are therefore searching for several new talented and motivated employees to join the team.
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    OS becomes Ecvio(1)

    Otechos Services becomes Ecvio

    To make us easier to find and to celebrate our increased focus on the green transition and company growth, we are changing our name to…
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