Designing, developing and servicing for refractory

Off the Shelf and Bespoke Refractory Designs and Materials

Innovators in Design and Development of Refractory Linings

Our enthusiastic engineers are ready to design, build and maintain your furnaces with speed and precision.

We offer lining design, development and maintenance; we use extensive 3D design and histograms to highlight any lining problem areas and provide tailored solutions. 

While we design and standardize bricks for arches as off-the-shelf use, any shape of refractory brick can be created according to your specifications. 

Key benefits of working with us:

Reliable, Responsive, Easy to Work with

Providing Highly Qualified Professionals and Efficient Delivery

Supporting your plants’ ongoing operations, we ensure that all of our lining material and bricks are either in stock at our warehouse or are easily available from our trusted suppliers.

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