Engineering and Project Management

Accomplishing Front-End Engineering (FEED), concept studies, detailed engineering, system solutions, project management and technical competencies

Supporting Your Retrofits and New Projects

We Bring Technical Competence and Experience to Your Project

We offer Front-End Engineering (FEED), concept studies, detailed engineering, system solutions, project management and technical competencies.  

In addition, we can provide engineering support on retrofitting and modifications to existing plants. 

Key benefits of working with us:

Problem Solvers, Service-Minded, Responsive

Supporting You to Achieve Optimal Energy Outputs for Your Plants

We work with you to achieve the optimal energy output for your plants by providing highly technical solutions and competence whenever you need it. 

As your trusted supplier, our in-house machine workshop ensures your project is delivered on time. And any issues that might arise are supported quickly and efficiently with minimal hassle. 

We bring engineering and project management experience from managing large projects. 

How We Can Support You

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