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We design, develop and operate green energy plants, and provide engineering and operational services

Ecvio was established in the spring of 2018 with the vision of building a company that is a supplier of turnkey bio, propane gas and waste facilities, as well as being a significant service and spare parts provider for these facilities. 

We believe in collaboration as an important part of completing projects, which means we coordinate with engineering companies, production companies, gas companies and staffing companies to ensure that our customers get the best output for their facilities. 

Our company consists of employees with broad experience in bio, propane gas and waste facilities. Based in Akland, Norway, our workshop is currently about 900 sqm, and we own traverse cranes and swing cranes, as well as machines and equipment for processing steel.

We have welders, fabricators, fitters, gas technicians, BS/MS engineers and draftsmen. All who have previous experience in steel processing, documentation, installation, service and maintenance within energy systems. We make everything from simple components to complete CE-marked systems.

Key Projects


Ecvio established

Brought a group of people together with years of experience to create a company to support the energy sector


Industrial processing facilities

Supplied process pipe to factory for processing slaughter waste for Nutrimar


Energy from waste

Produced new water-cooled screw for the ball cleaning system for the boiler for SAE


Tank production and tank control

Re-qualified 70m3 gas tank for Froland municipality project


Bio energy

Upgraded Mjølhusmoen Varmesentral, a new accumulator tank for Froland municipality


Welding and steel production

Provided welding expertise and production of Incoloy pipes for YARA



Removed old, and casted new, masonry in kiln for Returkraft in Kristiansand


Tank production and tank control

Compressed air tanks for Lindesnes Lighthouse's fog clock for the Norwegian Coastal Administration


District heating

Connected new building to Moland Heating Center

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